High Speed Shrink Wrapping

Our state of the art high speed system process allows us to do over 70 units per minute. ​

High Speed Shrink Bundling

Products featuring print registration have grown at a tremendous pace promoting new and existing products by utilizing high clarity graphics for maximum exposure and product branding. This packaging is cost effective to develop 8 color printed films while keeping inventory space requirements at a minimum. 

Point of Purchase Display Assembly 

Display assembly can be packed with product, labeled and staged for shipping to individual DC's


Our highly skilled Work Force can assemble various kitting projects efficiently with minimal lead time.


Shrink wrapping, tray bundling, re-cartoning, rainbow pallets and column stacking have become necessary to accommodate club store and retail needs. Any product that requires codes, labels, ink jetting or re-shrinking can be produced quickly and efficiently.


Can relabeling, product labeling, labeling master cases, create barcode labels, we are FDA Approved to relabel certain medical devices.

Recouping Product / 100%
Inspection and Repackaging

Quality inspections and accurate sorting of damaged product has become valuable in getting product to market when your inventory is managed lean. Our Quality Control Inspection team is highly trained and efficient;   Label application is accomplished by hand and/or automatic machinery.

Repalletizing Products

Product damaged in shipping may need the pallets broken down, inspected and repalletized with the good product.


Lot codes and best buy dates are needed to bring product to market. We can also ink jet product ingredients and point of origin.

Easy Pak Services provides a vast variety of packaging services